Houston, August 2006
  Dad and Len visit Houston
  Will and Megan do too
  Jim's 60th birthday party!

MCP's pictures:

At the Menil Collection

By Lovett Hall, Rice Campus

Sewall Hall Art Gallery

Jim's office

Rice faculty club

Start of birthday party

Camera wars

Segway ride                                                                                  Mary's new cape from Len

Dinner at Mark's

Megan on Segway

Will's and Nick's pictures

Plenty of food before the band warms up

John and Nancy

Megan and Melissa

Megan and Krista                                                                                    Lisa and Bill

Mary and Jim, with Sidney looking on

Nick and Krista

Dessert, a major hit

Dick, Janice, Allen, Rosie, Linda; Nancy (seated)

Bill, Nancy, Joe, Hope

Iris, Irene, Michael

Lars, Bob, Hank, Michele, Demaris

Siva, Penny, Steve

Doris, Tony, Mike, Dave, Rick, Therese

Shirley, Bill

Ira, Pat

John, Lisa, Joyce, Bill, Samantha, Saul

Elizabeth, Susan, Tony, Steve, Peggy

The band, the B-Sides

Randy and Kathy

Teresa, Lawrence, Randi, Dick, Janice

Jim, El Matha, Susan & Jim

Mark, Christy, Jim

Jim and Will                                                                                            Mihiel and Len

Len and Mihiel