Deep Archives, including some very old stuff

c. 1973 Yale University Psychology Department Softball Team
(photography courtesy of Roddy Roediger)

Back row: Dave Barrett, Will Armster, Jim Pomerantz, Hunter Jackson?, Armond Joncas, Geoff Nowlis, Larry Katz.
Front row: Gary Felfoldy, Mike Davis (with child, dog), Roddy Roediger, Nancy Horn, Rowell Huesmann

University of Michigan, Mary Markley dorm, 1964
J. L. Persons and JRP

1994 Groundbreaking for Baker Institute, Rice University
with ex presidents and James Baker


c. 1941 Elizabeth and Mihiel Pomerantz, Jim's parents


Jim and brother Mike, Princeton, NJ, 1948                    Mike and Jim, Boothbay Harbor, Maine


James Solheim
maternal grandfather (for whom Jim was named) from Norway


Catherine Wilcutts, Jim's paternal grandmother


Will and Drew in tree in front of 89 Wickham


Ken (Mary's brother) and Mary, 1944; Mary, 1948


Mary, 1960; Mary, her father, and Ken, 1949

Mary, her father and mother, 1962

Mary on rug, 1960s