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Establishing your connection to this branch of the
Pomerantz Family through DNA testing
September, 2005

September 2005
Dear Friend of the Pomerantz Cousins Club

Many people with the surname of Pomerantz have asked about blood relationships that may exist among  various branches of the Pomerantz family.  Our  website is directed  by the descendents of David Charles and Marian Pomerantz of Pruzana. Until now, our answer to this question has always been the same: “Regretfully, no.” This response was based on information you have provided, usually names of ancestors and the names of the towns in Europe from which your ancestors came.

We are now happy to tell you that the Pomerantz Cousins Club has initiated a project that will help all of us learn the definitive answer to what Pomerantz’s are related to what other Pomerantz’s. Working with Family Tree DNA – Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd. of Houston, Texas, USA, we have established a DNA base line for our particular family. Now, if you want to know if you are related to us genetically, or related to each other, you can submit a DNA sample for your family.

If you want more information on the procedures and costs, please contact a Family Tree DNA representative at www.familytreedna.com. We don’t know if it makes any difference which particular person at this firm you work with, but the representative we worked with was named Catherine, whose email address is cmcd@familytreedna.com. Be sure to tell them that you want your DNA sample evaluated under the Pomerantz account.

If you do submit a DNA sample, please be sure to  keep us in the loop on the results at Pomerantz Cousins Club.


Pomerantz Cousins Club

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