Glacier National Park, Montana and Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada, July 2000

Starting out in Polson, at the south end of Flathead Lake, before entering Glacier

Entering GNP

Starting out from GNP's west side

Near St. Mary (the place, not the person)

Linda & Ken McEnery (Mary's sister-in-law and brother)

One of several encounters with mountain goats and sheep

Encounters with bears too...(Note: I took this photograph at some personal risk -- JRP)

Bear grass sprouting up like mushrooms in the woods

Lower Rowe Lake in Waterton Lakes, on the Canadian side

High above the Prince of Wales Hotel, overlooking Waterton Lakes

At the Glacier Park Lodge (1913) in East Glacier

On the Garden Wall Hike, from Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet

Further on the same hike, before the 2,500 foot decline

Mary negotiating a snow-and-ice field; a slip could mean a long ride down.