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Links to other Pomerantz-related websites (all valid as of June, 2001)
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Note: these listings are provided only as a convenience to those wishing to learn more about people and groups associated with the Pomerantz name.  A listing here does not imply an endorsement.

Personal and Family

Samuel Pomerantz (Argentina)
Arty Pomerantz
Sandy Pomerantz

People in Business, Science, Medicine, and Art

Rhoda S. Pomerantz, M.D.
Arthur S. Pomerantz, M.D.
Lauren Pomerantz (CD recordings)
Eva M. Pomerantz
Charlotte Pomerantz (author)
Jay I. Pomerantz, M.D.
Richard M. Pomerantz, M.D.
Anita Pomerantz, Ph.D.
Martin Pomerantz, Ph.D.
Edward Pomerantz (screenwriter)
Jack Pomerantz (writer)
James R. Pomerantz, Ph.D.
Michael Pomerantz, Ph.D.
David K. Pomerantz
Allen J. Pomerantz
James Pomerantz (sitar player)
David Pomeranz (songwriter, performer)

Non-profit Organizations & Activities

Martin A. Pomerantz Observatory, South Pole
Marvin Pomerantz Library (Univ. of Iowa)
Pomerantz Family Genealogy Forum (PCC does not endorse)


A. Pomerantz & Company
Pomerantz Staffing Services
The Pomerantz Group (Amy Pomerantz)
Pomerantz & Harding
Pomerantz, Haudek
Rich Pomerantz Photography
The Pomerantz Group
The Pomerantz Agency
David Pomerantz & Associates

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