New Years 2005, Galveston, Texas

Beach house, right on the Gulf of Mexico.  There had been 4" of snow on Christmas morning.

The cooking and eating begins...

Interrupted for occasional email checks and ginger snap consumption...

punctuated by random outbursts of violence

Mihiel on the Gulfside porch sporting new sweater and trademark white pants

Mary and Jim on the beach

Mary and Andrea checking things out (guide to boxed chocolates); note the intensity

Some rain and lots of fog limit time for football and Frisbee

Mihiel and Will taking in Lord of the Rings dvd

Andrea and Drew laughing at something or other

Will looking content albeit unshaven

Back on the beach

Mary and Mihiel by the dunes

Mihiel on the porch at sunset

Class photo before cleanup but with some holiday gifts

Class photo after cleanup