Christmas in New York City, New Years in Ridgefield, Connecticut
Dec. 2005 - Jan 2006

Mary and Jim in Central Park.  No snow that day - it came on New Years Eve

Drew came in from CT, Will from DC

Our friends Linda and Craig

Linda and Mary

The dark, dramatic lobby of our hotel, the Hudson (too cool to have a sign out front)

We did get rained on ... by Rockefeller Center

Drew, at the Museum of Natural History

Late breakfast at the Morning Star Cafe, a favorite of Will's

After a white-knuckle drive by Drew, we arrive in CT, at the Elms Inn

... where we ring in the New Year

with snow all around

Our restaurant at the Elms Inn

Drew at his workplace, after giving us a lab tour

Having placed a football on top of his sleeping brother Drew, Will prepares for a massive tackle.

Celebrating Christmas late, on January 2