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This page is for people with the family name of Pomerantz, or anyone else who contacts us and wants help researching family, but who are not descendents of David and Marian Pomerantz.  If you believe there may be a blood relationship between yourself and one of these contributors, contact us at the Pomerantz Cousins Club and tell us which one by referring to the Contributor Number below.  In turn, the Pomerantz Cousinís Club will contact the contributor and let that person know you want to reach them.  If the contributor is interested in responding we will leave it to them to make the contact.

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Contributor:  One (1) 

Ancestral information: Not provided but he was a wealthy landowner and had three children, Wolf, Jacob and Leo.  One of the three (not identified) stole the estate when the father died.  The other two were left to fend for themselves.  Wolf lived in Cracou-Tarnov and had four children, Neutah, Pilot, Israel Zalmin and Joseph.

 Neutah married Beilya Gettinger and had 10 children.  They lived in Barnoff, which is near Tarnov, across the river from Tarkoff near the Austrian-Poland border.  Their children were Pauline, Mendel, Isadore, Nathan, Harry, Anna, Sam, Rae, Abe and Fannie.

 The family that came to the states came between 1901 and World War 1.

 Harry (b. 1890) married Anna Wolfson.  Harryís first child Ruth, was born in 1918.  He had two more children, Vivian and Norman.  Vivian married Bill Miller.  Normanís wife was Mary (no last name given).

 Rae married Annaís brother, Bill Wolfson

 Ruth married Sanford Lashever.  They had two children, Barbara and Rick Lashever.  Barbara married Jim Bevans and they had two children, Greig, Zach and Adrienne.

 The contributor is the wife of Greig.

Contributor Two (2)

Ancestral Information: Motherís maiden name is Galician.

 Mordichi Pomerantz married Golda.  She was born in 1836 in Austria and died March 26,1921 in Bronx, NY.  Mrodichi Mtuuell Pomerantz came from Depocais near Cracon.  He was a peddler and had 13 children with Golda.  One son was a Rabbi in Europe and contributor knows 4 of the children came to the US.

Known children are Isidore Pomerantz, Lena Pomerantz, Hyman Pomerantz, b. 1850, and Solomon Shlerma Pomerantz,  b. 1870, Galicia, Russia/Austria.  D. Feb 14, 1930, NY.NY

Contributor Three (3)  

Ancestral Information: Family is from Pinsk.

Contributor is named for his maternal grandfather: Issac Daniel Pomerantz.  His grandmotherís maiden name was Elizabeth.

Contributor Four (4)  

Ancestral Information: Father was Abraham; grandfather was Chiam Reuven. They lived in Antipolia (Antipole), Poland/Russia.   Father emigrated to US in 1923 at age of 19.  Settled in NYC then Long Island.

Contributor Five (5)  

Ancestral Information: Grandfather was Abraham Pomerantz from Krasilovke  (English spelling approximate), Grodno region.  He was born March 15, 1896.

Abe married Lottie Speckler and had two daughters, Judy and Florence Scheirer (contributorís mother and aunt respectively).

Great-great grandfather was Yehuda Pomerantz, who was married to Ada Quintilias.  In addition to Abraham, the other known children were Kiva, Morris, Samuel, Hilda, Frances and Irving.

Contributor Six (6) 

Ancestral Information: Looking for information on the family name of Halperin or Galperin from Belarus/Lithuania town of Pruzany.  Lived in this area from the mid 1800s through the early 1900s.  Grandfatherís name was Hershel Halperin or Galperin. Herschel may have been a saloonkeeper in town.  Contributorís father was Max (Alter) Halperin who emigrated to NY shortly after 1900.  Believes a family with the surname of Halperin was also in Shereshov, 17 km from Pruzana.

Contributor Seven (7) 

Ancestral Information: Great-grandmother was Riva Pomerantz, believed to be from Litvak.  She was born around 1847, married Herschel Broshowitsky from Antopole.  Immigrated to the US at the turn of the century.

Contributor Eight (8Note to Contributor 8: We are trying to contact you but your email address has expired!

Ancestral Information: Believe family came from Yavarow  (Jawarow), Lvov and/or Holaschitzer.  Parents were Sadie and Morris Pomerantz.  Morris was probably born in the 1880s.  Believe he immigrated to the US from Lemberg (Galicia at the time) in the late 1890s or early 1900s at about the age 18.  Contributor was the middle child, born in NYC .  Contributorís brother and sister were Helen and Hyman, both deceased.  Hyman Pomerantz has three children, Norman, Richard and Jane.  Contributor has a son (who coincidentally is a college professor in San Antonio, TX) and daughter.

Contributor Nine (9) 

Ancestral Information: Grandmother was Tziril or Celia Pomerantz.  Came from Kartuz Bereza or Maltch in Grodno, Poland.  Arrived in US in 1922.  The name on the papers was Cila Pomeraniac.

Celiaís father was Txvi Dov Pomerantz.  He died before WW I of typhus.  Her mother was Faigle Pomerantz, nee Novick.  She died in the Holocaust.

Faigle had several siblings.  The eldest brother was Yitzchok.  Chasa was her sister.  She is believed to have had at least one, and maybe two, other brothers who were sent to Siberia for handing out Communist leaflets in Poland.  According to the contributorís grandfather, Saul Novick (Celiaís second cousin), they were just boys at the time.

Contributor does not believe any of the grandmotherís siblings survived the Holocaust.

Contributor may be related to a Rabbi Nachum David Herman and his sister Ruchoma Shain of Israel.  Through Ms Shain contributor has contacted a Tsivie Tabak, whose mother is contributorís grandmotherís first cousin.  Tsivie has a brother, Yossie Kotler, in Brooklyn, NY.

Contributor Ten (10) 

Ancestral Information: From Malica/Melech, in the providence of Grodna Gabarnaia, Poland Beloryus (White Russia) where his brothers and sisters were born.  The family immigrated to Canada in 1923.

Relatives in Toronto changed their name from Pomeraniec (Orange) in 1908.  One ancestor was Eliyahu Kramer, also known as Vilna Gaon, who authored many rabbinical works.  He passed away in 1792.

Father fought for Czar Nicholas of Russia in WWI.

Contributor and most of his family live in Canada.

Contributor Eleven (11) 

Ancestral Information: Family originated in Lukow, Lithuania but his grandfather immigrated to Israel in 1934.  Contributor lives in Tel Aviv. 

Grandmother was born in 1899 in Poland and immigrated to Israel in 1935.  She died in 1999.

Contributor Twelve (12) 

Ancestral Information: Husband is a Pomerantz from Montreal, Canada.  His grandfather was Abraham.  The family believes he came from Hungary and grandmother from Rumania.

Contributor Thirteen (13) 

Ancestral Information: Grandfather was Michael.  He was born circa 1906 and died in 1974.  Michael was from Bucharest, Romania and came to the US as a child.  Michael had four siblings.  They immigrated to Seattle, WA between 1910 and 915.  One of the siblings still lives in Seattle.  Michael also had two sons: Ruben and Harold (who later changed his name to Jacob).  Rueben is the contributorís father.  He was born May 25, 1942 and Married Susan Pomerantz in 1968.

Contributor Fourteen (14) 

Ancestral Information: Father was born in Kremenchuk, Ukraine.  Contributor remembers his father mentioning that he lived at 22 Yevreyskaya Ulitsa (translates as Jews Alley).

Contributor Fifteen (15) 

Ancestral Information: Pomerantz on fatherís side.  Family came from Kiev Gilbernia in the Ukrain.

Contributor Sixteen (16) 

Ancestral Information: Believes great grandfatherís name was Pomerantz or Pomeranz but when the family settled in Russia the name was changed to Pomerantsev.  Contributor has only been in the US for a few years       .

Contributor Seventeen (17) 

Ancestral Information:  Family is from Kapulya or Kopile, approximately 30 km from Minsk.

Contributor Eighteen (18) 


Contributor Nineteen (19) 

Ancestral Information: Grandfather was Sam (Shepsel), born circa 1861.  He immigrated to Philadelphia and then moved to NYC.  He had a son, named Joseph, by his first wife in Europe.  She died there.  Joe lived in Philadelphia.  In this country he married Lena Dieter.

Samís father was Yankel, a blacksmith in Grodno.  Sam had several brothers, two of whom were David and Simon.  Sam and Lena had five children:  Gussie, Ida, Louis (the contributorís father), and Rose.  They lived on Front Street in Philadelphia, then moved to East 14th street in NYC.

Contributor Twenty (20) 

Ancestral Information: Parents are from Lubomil. Volinia, Poland

Contributor lives in Argentina.

Contributor Twenty-one (21)

Ancestral Information: Father was from London.  Mother was from Memphis, TN.  Raised in Toronto, Canada.

Family emigrated from Russia to England sometime around 1900-1920.  Family name was Pomerantz at the time but was changed to Pomeroy upon arrival in the UK.  Grandfather was Harry David Pomeroy (born Pomerantz). 

Contributor Twenty-two (22)

Ancestral Information: Grandfather was Joe Pomerantz.  Came from Poland, near the Russian border. Came to U.S. between 1885 and 1890.    His siblings were Luis and Helen.  Their relatives were named Bond and they lived in Baltimore.  

Contributor Twenty-three (23)

Ancestral Information: My grandmother was Anna Pomerantz. She came to this country from Mielec, Poland on 4/17/21, at the age of 19. She had a brother Yitzak who immigrated to Israel after World War II. Is there any chance she might be related to David & Miriam?

Contributor Twenty-four (24)

Norma Lou (Cripps) Pomerantz, born 1939, daughter of Lucille Edna and Edward Bender.  Norma was born in Gladwin, MI and her last known address was in the state if Ill.  Edward Bender was the son of Peter Bender from Nassau, Germany.

Contributor Twenty-five (25)


Contributor Twenty-six (26)

My great grandmother's maiden name was Pomerantz ( I do not know her first name); she was married to Eli Elman. She died when my grandmother was 2, and Eli married her sister named Hodes Pomerantz. My grandmother was Rose (Reizel Elman) Rosenberg, the 5th child of Eli Elman.  Hodes came to this country in 1912. My great grandmother had 5 children, and Hodes had 3. All siblings moved to Chicago in the late 1890's. My grandmother and Hodes came from Sielce, Russian Poland. One of her brothers, Leib, may have come from Lapenista.  After he married, possibly known as Volkavich. My great grandmother's 5 children were Hertzky, Morris, Leib and Louis. Hodes's 3 children were Hyman, Tobey and Max. There was a Bessie Pomerantz (Chicago) who would visit my grandmother. All I know is that her husband was a cousin. There were 2 cousins: Ettie and Louis Gidansky. I do not know their relationship; they may or may not have been Pomerantzes.

Contributor Twenty-seven (27)

I have found out a lot from the purs site.  My grandparents Miriam Rosenszain Polack and Beryl Polack helped start the orphanzge and old peoples home and my aunt was a teacher at yl peretz school (Ana Roszenszain) and my grandfther was on the jewish schools commission and went as a delegate to a conference in warsaw in 1921 --my aunt or uncle helped start Freedom and my great grrandfather owned a pharmacist and is listed as one of the social leaders who died at Auschwitz. My great uncle mayer rosenzain went to argentina in 1925 or 1927 and my grandparents came to the states in 1922.  I have been trying to find out about my grandmothers sisters and brothers who would be rosenzains and who stayed in pruzhany- there supposedly were two young children who survived the war

Carol D. Scott, Attorney At Law
15060 Ventura Blvd. Ste 490
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Contributor Twenty-eight (28)

My gggf and gggm were NATHAN and BEILA POMERANTZ (b. late 1830ís) from KAMENETS-LITOVSK, in what is currently Belarus.  Nathan & Beila had at least three sons:  DAVID POMERANTZ (1857-1951) (my ggf), ISRAEL POMERANTZ (abt. 1871-1962) and SAMUEL POMERANTZ (1875-1913). 

DAVID married CHANA-RAISEL (Rosie) DUBINER (1859-1933) and after her death married three more times.  The identity of his other wives is unknown.  David and Rosie immigrated to the US after their children were born.  David immigrated before 1902 and his family immigrated in 1902.  David and Rosie had six children – FANNIE, NATHAN (my gf), JENNIE, FRIEDA, SAM and SARAH. 

ISRAEL immigrated to the US and married IDA LONDON on May 5, 1897 in New York City. We believe Israel and Ida moved to Liberty, NY and that he may have run a saloon and traded furs with the Indians still living in the area! It is possible they had two children but as of yet, we have no additional information on them.

SAMUEL married LENA PAKOVICH and had six surviving children:  NATHAN and twin sister SARAH (b. 1898), WILLIAM (b. 1900), JACOB POMERANZ, (b. 1904), BELLE and twin brother TOMMY (b. 1906).

Seeking info on Israel Pomerantz & David and Rosieís siblings!

Joan Engel

Contributor Twenty-nine (29)

My grandfather was Samuel Pomerantz 6/7/09 -  11/1993.  He had three siblings  Martha DOB 2/22/07, Abraham DOB 6/30/1911 , and a child that died in infancy.  Their parents were Louis (died 1959) and Dora Pomerantz (Lindenbaum) died 1964.  Louis arrived in US about 1895 from Rozwadow Galicia.  He had poss. 5 siblings, Morris, Michael, Myer, a sister that died in NY fire, and a brother that died W.W.I in Europe.  Myer moved to San Francisco and the rest stayed in NY.  Their parents were Solomon (died in Europe WW1) and Yehta Pomerantz emigrated to US in the 1920s

Would be very interested to see how I fit into the "Pomerantz web," I see Contributor Eight has what appears to be similar family lines.  Keep me up dated and possibly post this for others to see

thank you very much
Seth Pomerantz (Grandson of Samuel)

Contributor Thirty (30)

The father (believed to be contacts grandfather) was named Shalom Pomerantz.  His wife was Gittle (tova).  They had 3 sons, Max, Israel, Moshe and one daughter (no name provided.  The daughter has a son, Izhak (Izi) who came to Israel as a child but now lives in Florida.  The family came to Israel around 1930.  Shalom was in the building & construction in Grodno-Poland.  His family had a laundry.

Contributor Thirty-one (31)

 What I know of my father's family is that he is the last of 13 children born to the third wife of Yankel Mayer Pomerantz who died at age 65 or so, around 1911 is Brisk (Brest Litofsk), Poland of some accident involving a horse.  My father was age 2 at the time of his father's death with two older sisters from the same father.  

Contributor Thirty-two (32)


Contributor Thirty-three (33)

My cousin is Miriam's Clorfeine Slipowitz and she lives in New Jersey.   We are related to Leib Yakov Sterman and his wife, Shaine Leah from Pruzhany District in Russia. Their daughter Miriam Tsiril Sterman married Chaim Reuven Pomerantz in Russia, probably in the very late 1800s-very early 1900s. Miriam died in Russia in 1926, and Chaim Reuven Pomerantz died in 1904 in Russia. Their children were:  Pearl, Abraham and Irving (my grandfather). Pearl's children were (are):  Miriam and Alvin. Abe's children were (are): Robert, Marc and Marsha. And Irving's chilren were (are): Herman (my father) and Marc (my father's 1/2 brother). 

Contributor Thirty-four (34)

Looking for Karen Pomerantz. Sister of Barry S. Pomerantz. I have never met my aunt Karen. My father is deceased (now 20 years) and I am desperately trying to find some family photos. I only have one single photo of my Father and my Mother, Gina Pomerantz; now Gina Zimmerman.

The Pomerantz's kids were born in N.Y. City as far as I know. Sidney was born in Austria. Barry S. Pomerantz went to Alexander Hamilton High School in the 60's. He was born in 1945, Barry S. Pomerantz died in L.A. in 1984. Sidney at the time lived in West L.A. on Sawtelle Blvd., accross the street from Webster Jr. High School. Sidney called me after my father died to say he had him cremated and that some of his belongings were mine if I wanted them. Barry at the time of his death lived on National Blvd. Near Westwood Blvd. As for Karen Pomerantz, I've never met her and quite honestly don't know if she wants a relationship. All I'm interested in is a couple of pictures. 

Contributor Thirty-five (35)

My grandfather, Abraham was born around September 13, 1893-96 and was either from Pinsk or Minsk. He was affectionaly called"Abe."   He lived in Bala Cynwyd and owned a popular Deli which is now called Murrays Deli .. His son, (deceased), my father, was Bernard who was a teacher in Philadelphia. Abe married Henrietta Grossman and had Bernard and Estelle (two children). I believe he had a sister named Minny in the pharmacy business.  He came to America around ten years old which would have been around 1903 (maybe NewYork?)   He died in 1977 (contributor also mentions 1978  as date of death). His sister was Minnie Pomerantz

Contributor Thirty-six (36)

My family originated in the Bucharest area but relocated to Manchester, England circa late 1800s.  Children of David and first wife (possibly named Jeanette or other name with a J), then second wife Toni were born in 1870-80s.  They were:  Nathan, Leon, Rochelle, Charlotta, Carolina, Gustav, Alisa (the last two are Toni's children). Some of these children, as adults, came to the US, settling first in Philadelphia and Cincinnati then Chicago.  Others may have remained in England or even Romania.  I am a descendent of Nathan Pomerance, who changed the spelling after arriving in the US.

Contributor Thirty-seven (37)

My grandmother Dwoire Pomerancz (later known as Dora Pomerantz) was born in Pruzhana, Grodno, Belarus.

Her marriage certificate lists her birthdate as January 1, 1895. Her Social Security application lists her birthdate as May 14, 1893.  Her Petition for Naturalization lists her born in 1892 in Purdzina, Grodana, Russia.  Her death certificate lists her birthdate as May 14, 1897. Family oral history says she was 16 years old when she arrived in the United States with her sister Katie. This age corroborates the birth date listed on her death certificate. However, her passenger arrival record states she was 20 years old. This age corroborates the birth date listed on her Social Security application.

She never talked about the old country. She only would say that she grew up on a beet farm and had a dog Mishka. She used to joke that her family was from nobility. Her fatherís name was Joseph. Her mother was Jennie Krasne (Krasnefarber?).

The Passenger arrival manifest states that her closet relative where she came from was her brother Jankel (Yankel, Tankel?) Pomeranz in Brusania, Grodno.

Dora reported that she entered the United States from Amsterdam, Holland. Both her Naturalization papers and HIAS (Hebrew Sheltering amnd Immigrant Society) records state she arrived at New York using the name Dwoire Pomerancz on December 9, 1913 on the vessel SS Nordham. Certificate of Arrival no. 3-174394. Her final destination was to join her uncle D. Statko, 1021 S. Reese St. in Philadelphia. She was described as a seamstress, could read and write, five feet tall, brown hair and eyes, no distinctive marks noted. She had $25 on her upon arrival. Her last permanent residence was listed as Gitomir (?), Russia.

Family oral history says she had two brothers who went to England and were successful. One was a violinist. They visited Dora and relatives in the United States and spoke with English accents.

On January 16, 1921 she married Israel Techner in Philadelphia. He had been known as Srul Tochman/Tachman in Kishinev, Moldova. Srul fled Kishinev in December 1911 after having served in the Czarís Army during the Russo-Japanese War (1904 – 1905) and having spent a year in Argentina stuffing mattresses. Upon his arrival in New York in January 1912, he spent seven years in Columbus, Ohio before settling in Philadelphia. He was an electrician. He brought his brother Max and sister Mollie to Philadelphia. His father Moishe was a businessman who died at the age 35 in Kishinev. I suspect Moishe was a victim of either the infamous 1903 Pogrom or the lesser-known 1905 Pogrom in Kishinev.

On December 21, 1925, Dora completed her Petition for Naturalization. She had brown eyes, black hair, was 5'3" and 119 pounds. Witnesses were Morris Kallis, insurance agent, 3017 W. Diamond St. and Alter Lotfarber, 5152 Neubus St.

Dwoire changed her name to Dora in the early 1920s. She swore her oath of allegiance on February 21, 1941 signing the name Dwoire Techner.

Israel and Dora lived on Louden Street in the Feltonville section and then on Longshore Avenue before settling at the Glendale Court Apartments. She died June 11, 1969 of heart disease in Philadelphia and is buried in Roosevelt Memorial Park in Trevose, Pa.

Drew Techner

TECHNER Family:- Joe - Anne - Dora - Israel - Bernard


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