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This section of the Pomerantz Family website is for Pomerantz's who are looking for other Pomerantz's.  We hope this helps in re-establishing connections that have been lost over the years and also with establishing new family links. .  Please send more and we will post them.  Best of luck with your search and let us know if you succeed in finding the ones you are looking for.

Cindy Pomerantz (added June 2006)

“Looking for Cindy Pomerantz who was born around 1950 or 1951.  She may be married now and she used to live in Brooklyn as a kid.   She has an older sister whose married name, I believe, was Tattenbaum or something close to that.  Both of Cindy’s parents had died by the time Cindy was 18.  Ms. Andy Rowan, luna@dejazzd.com

Jackie Pomerantz (added June 2006)

I'm trying to contact Jackie Pomerantz, who lived in West Philadelphia  on 49th and Sansom St. in the 1950's.  Jackie would be 67 or so.  We grew up together in West Philly on the same street.  I haven't seen him since I was about 12 so I can't really tell you anything more about him.  We were such good friends in those youthful years that I very much want to talk to him again.  I am now living in Ambler PA and would like to contact him.  Any information you can provide would be appreciated.  John Grazel, grazel@comcast.net

Steve Pomerantz (added May 2006)

Looking for Steve Pomerantz who attended Camp Scotmar in Upland, CA (later
moved to Mancos, CO) in the 1960s and early 70s. The camp is planning a
reunion August 4-7, 2006 and would like to send you the information and hope
you will attend.  If you are the Steve we are looking for, or if you know
him, please contact the camp at scotmar@yahoogroups.com
Note: this may be a different Steve Pomerantz from the one below added Oct. 2004.

Pomerantz/Braverman  (added September 2005)

My  grandfather's name was Tzvi Hirsch (aka Tzvi Aryeh) Pomerantz. He was born in 1890, whereabouts unknown. He married my grandmother Mariyam Kostrinsky from the town of Horodetz and they came to the United States in the early 1920's. There were six children: Esther, Edith, Martha, Diane, Hyman, and Irving. The only thing we know about my grandfather's parents is that they divorced and my great grandmother married someone whose last name was Braverman. Presumably she had a family with him in which case there's a branch of our family we know nothing about. If anyone has any information, please contact me .
   Shira Pomerantz Salant, email  sjps117@aol.com

Mary Pomerantz (added March 2005)

Looking for information on Izzy Pomerantz who immigrated to America and settled in Connecticut.  Believe he lived over a bakery.
Contact  mpomerantz@wflboces.org

Karen Pomerantz (added October 2004)

Looking for Karen Pomerantz. Sister of Barry S. Pomerantz. I have never met my aunt Karen. My father is deceased (now 20 years) and I am desperately trying to find some family photos. I only have one single photo of my Father and my Mother, Gina Pomerantz; now Gina Zimmerman.

The Pomerantz's kids were born in N.Y. City as far as I know. Sidney was born in Austria. Barry S. Pomerantz went to Alexander Hamilton High School in the 60's. He was born in 1945, Barry S. Pomerantz died in L.A. in 1984. Sidney at the time lived in West L.A. on Sawtelle Blvd., accross the street from Webster Jr. High School. Sidney called me after my father died to say he had him cremated and that some of his belongings were mine if I wanted them. Barry at the time of his death lived on National Blvd. Near Westwood Blvd. As for Karen Pomerantz, I've never met her and quite honestly don't know if she wants a relationship. All I'm interested in is a couple of pictures.  

Caryn Pomerantz (added October 2004)

Caryn? Pomerantz.  I went to elementary school with her at Pomelo Drive Elementary School in woodland Hills, CA (1971-1973).  She would be about 43 now.

Steve Pomerantz (added October 2004)

I am looking for Steve Pomerantz who would be about 60 to 63 years old. He was a waiter at the Laurels hotel in the early 1960,s.He was a very good athlete and about 5 feet 10.I have not seen him in over 40 years.   Thank you,  Art Wedeen       tennisartie@msn.com

Sandra Pomerantz Baer (added June 2004)

We are trying to find Sandra Pomerantz Baer for her 50th class reunion.  Can you help?

Judi Alabiso Saugus High School, Saugus, MA
Membership Committee

Reunion: September 11, 2004

David Pomerantz from Philadelphia (added December 2002)

David was one of my best friends when we were growing up.  He lived on the 8300 block of Lynnewood Road in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia with his brother Joel and parents (Albert and Betty?).  We graduated Central High (1971) and were in sporadic contact afterwards.  At one time he had a travel agency in center city Philadelphia called "Your Travel Agent".  It's probably been 20 years or more since I last heard from him.  I recently did the music for Sandy Pomerantz's wedding, which spurred my interest in finding an old friend.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks,

Bruce Fagan email

Sally Pomerantz from Pennsylvania (added December 2002)

I am looking for a Sally Pomerantz from Pennsylvania, possible Philly.  She is probably 56 or 57 years old.  She was a teacher in Boston in 1968/1969. She and her friend Ruth Walkenstein took me in off the street. We lived at 98 1/2 Myrtle street.
Dave Allen, email

Mrs. Pomerantz from Staten Island and Las Cruces (added October, 2002)

I am looking for a Mrs. Pomerantz who taught elementary school in Staten Island, NY and then moved to Las Cruces, NM where she lived during 1969-70 and taught at Alameda Elementary School, 3rd Grade.  She matched our class with another 3rd grade class in Staten Island, for pen pals.  I would like to get in touch with her or any info would be much appreciated!

Patty McNeil

Ruth Pomerantz (added January, 2002)

 I am looking for a Ruth Pomerantz who was the daughter of an attorney/judge  by the name of Arthur Benjamin.  Am researching (along with another internet  family searcher in London) for this Benjamin family connection in New York in  the early 50's and 60's.  Arthur Benjamin may have had a law office in the  Empire State Building at around this time.  Please respond to:  Harriet Drucker Goldstein:  email

David “Doc” Pomerantz (added 10/29/00, updated 11/05/00)

I would like any information regarding my old friend, David "Doc" Pomerantz, whom I knew as a teenager on The Lower East Side of New York City.  His parents owned a hat store on Clinton St, where he lived.  I knew them both. I believe his father died of stomach cancer.

David Pomerantz and I were friends from about the age of 13 to 18.  We attended Seward Park High School together. I graduated in Jan., l944, and went into the US Army.  Dave went into the Navy. He married, had one child, and opened a toy store on Clinton St. I lost track of him when I went to college and graduate school.

If he is alive, he would be my age, about 74.  He was a good friend, as was his mother and the people who worked in his mother's ladies hat store on Clinton St., which was a very fashionable place before WW11. Dave was a lot of fun and full of life. If he is no longer alive, I would like to share some memories of him with his wife or his child. I am now 74, and looking back on the people who helped me in my life. Dave, or Doc as I branded him, was a light for me.

Can anyone tell me what happened to him and his family?  I hope he is well.  I looked into a web site called classmates.com  and saw  the name David Pomerantz in the graduating class of l944, but saw no further information.

 Thank you for any information you can tell me.

 Sid Kessler: email

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