Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2006
Casas de las Brisas

An 8-bedroom villa overlooking the Pacific

View from the street

Main entryway

leads into the main room, open to the air, the cliffs, and the ocean


Early arrivers hit the pool

The view down the hill

Susie and Mel

Anne and Bob

Albert and Elizabeth

Chuck and Suzanne

Mary and Jim

Sunset approaching

and arriving... the first of many

Amazing architecture in every direction

even under the stairs

Off the main balcony                                                                                and the cathedral in Puerto Vallarta

View down the hill at night

Activities include hot tubbing, and...



bird watching

watching the Rose Bowl

working jigsaw puzzles

talking, lots of talking

waiting to be fed


sitting around doing nothing

staring into the distance

walking the beach down the cliff

looking for whales

checking airline reservations

watching sunsets

lots of sunsets

and having lots of good laughs

Several huge bird cages house parrots

The walk past the "exercise room"

Architectural details are everywhere

Dusk off the main balcony

Stairs leading up to our (Mary and Jim's) room

which is doorless and open to the air.

"Strangling fig" columns support the Palapa (the traditional woven palm thatch roof common in Puerto Vallarta - watch the Night of the Iguana)

View down from our bedroom

Entry into the bath

with some open-air view from shower

It's time to head back out the door to home