Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 2005

Dinner at Rancho de San Juan, north of Espanola, New Mexico

At the Ceremonial Cave in Bandolier, New Mexico.  A ladder leads down to a kiva.

Cliffs north of the Rancho de San Juan

The Shrine, carved into sandstone cliff

Interior of the Shrine

Floor of the Shrine (shoeprints in the sand)

Randy hiking in Santa Fe

Thick stands of aspen

Blue skies

Half way up the trail

Way up over Santa Fe

Grass by side of trail

Morning sky over Santa Fe

Dinner at O'Keeffe's

Butterflies swarm the galleries on Canyon Road

Mary and Jim at Tent Rocks, north of Albuquerque, NM

Hiking through Slot Canyon

In a clearing

Tent Rocks in the background