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Information for Other Branches of the Pomerantz Family (Posted 10/7/00)

The Story of Cousin Albert Maltz, By Dick Goldberg (from The Pomerantz Post)

A History of Pruz'any (April, 1999)

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Previously Posted Items

Do you know the whereabouts of the Goldie Pomerantz Family?

Milton Friedman is looking for the family of Goldie Pomerantz who lived in the New York City area. Goldie had a daughter whose first name is unknown but who married a man by the name of Jack Mates. Goldie's maiden name was Krieger.  If you have any information about this, please contact Milton here.  Note from the PCC: Milton is not a relative of our branch of the Pomerantz family, but we are happy to assist him in his search.

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Do you know the whereabouts of Phyllis Pomerantz?

Does the name Phyllis Pomerantz (maiden name) mean anything to you?

The Phyllis we are looking for is not a relative of ours.  This search is posted at the request of someone who is looking for her and has requested our assistance.  Phyllis is a long lost friend of the requester.  Phyllis grew up in Queens, NY and spend the summers in Lake Hopatcong, NJ.  Phyllis would be in her early 50s.  If you know of Phyllis, please contact the Pomerantz Cousins Club at the email address shown above.

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CPSA  (Children of Pruzany and the Surrounding Area) Web Site

Jay Lenefsky of the above-named organization has contacted the Pomerantz Cousins Club suggesting that the membership may be interested in his group and in their website.  The latter may be found at this link: http://members.xoom.com/cpsa/cpsa.htm .  This site contains a wealth of information on Pruz'any, including maps, history, and information useful for genealogy.  A few members of the PCC have already explored portions of the site and found information there that was previously unknown to most or all of us.

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Welcome, Newcomers to this Website!  If you have reached this page through information contained in the  Pomerantz Post, welcome!  Through the Post, you already know about the Pomerantz Cousins Club and its various activities.  Through this Pomerantz Family website, we hope to promote the activities of the PCC and to make it easier for family members to contact and stay informed about each other.  If you would like to be listed on this website under the "Family Members" section, please send an email to the address listed at the bottom, including whatever information you want posted, such as your name, email address, and any other information about you or your family.  If you are one of those adventurous people with their own existing web pages, please send along the address.  If you have family news you think may be of interest, such as births, weddings, graduations and such, please send them along for the "News" section.

More on the Cousins Club:
The Pomerantz Cousins Club is a worldwide organization that was established and is sponsored by the descendents of David and Miriam Pomerantz (who were born in the early 1820's in Pruz'any, in what is now Belorussia, but was once Lithuania and once Poland).  The PCC is a non-profit organization run by unpaid volunteers who have collected (and continue to collect) a wealth of information on family members, present or past.  If you are interested in the Pomerantz Family and have not contacted the PCC, we encourage you to do so.  In that way you can both learn what has been uncovered about the family and contribute any new information you have that may be unknown to others.  The PCC has very detailed information about family members who are known descendants of David and Miriam Pomerantz, going back nearly 10 generations, but they are eager to fill in missing information and to learn of any Pomerantz family members who are related to any siblings or cousins of David and Miriam.

Family History

A brief history of Pruz'any is available at this site.  The rest of the Family History is under development.  We are looking for a volunteer who is both a good historian and a good writer to work with the historical materials contained in the Cousins Club archives to write a family history.

Family Tree

Available at a nominal charge from the Pomerantz Cousins Club; the address is at the top of this web page.  The tree is very large - it takes up the better part of a wall - and so must be mailed to you in a shipping tube.

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